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1. Celgene Risk Management

Celgene Risk Management
In order to complete the creation of an online account, you must be certified for a Celgene REMS program. For security purposes you will be asked to enter a …

2. REVLIMID REMS Prescriber Resources


You can enroll by visiting CelgeneRiskManagement.com, a website that allows prescribers to handle the REMS process for all of the Celgene REMS programs.

3. REVLIMID REMS Pharmacist Resources


The Celgene REMS Pharmacy Portal. In addition to calling the Celgene Customer Care Center to obtain a confirmation number for a prescription, eligible …

4. Celgene REMS Pharmacy Portal


Subsequent use of the Username and Password you choose will constitute a hand-written signature in the Celgene REMS Pharmacy Portal. Your user name …

5. the REMS Prescriber Portal. – Celgene


To avoid embryo-fetal exposure, Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) programs are mandatory for the Celgene products THALOMID® (thalidomide), …

6. Celgene Commitment to Safety and Patients: Risk Evaluation …


Celgene: REMS with ETASU. Celgene has three products with REMS programs that also include ETASU: Revlimid® (lenalidomide), Pomalyst® (pomalidomide) …

7. Celgene Pharmacy Portal | HCP | REVLIMID® (lenalidomide)

Celgene Pharmacy Network

Learn how the Celgene pharmacy portal can help patients access the select … of pharmacies due to a restricted distribution program called REVLIMID REMS ®.

8. Starting REVLIMID® (lenalidomide)| Celgene Patient Support®

Starting Your Medication

Only available through a risk evaluation & mitigation strategies (REMS) program. Learn how to get started. Please see full Prescribing Info incl Boxed …

9. Celgene Rems Portal


Learn how the Celgene pharmacy portal can help patients access the select of pharmacies due to a restricted distribution program called REVLIMID REMS ®.

10. Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy Website (REVLIMID …


forms available on the Celgene REVLIMID REMS website. … REMS website is as follows: https://www.celgeneriskmanagement.com/REMSPortal/rems/portal/.

11. EX-10.8.1 3 a2221089zex-10_81.htm EX-10.8.1 Celgene …


1.17 “POMALYST REMS™ and REVLIMID REMS™” shall mean the … (“BAX”); or Celgene Web portal (when available), prior to dispensing Product(s). (b) Prior …

12. Revlimid (lenalidomide) NDA #021880 REMS last update – FDA


What is the purpose of the REMS? · To prevent the risk of embryo-fetal exposure to REVLIMID. · To inform prescribers, patients, and pharmacists …