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1. Portal Calc for Ingress – Apps on Google Play
Portal Calc for Ingress - Apps on Google Play

2. ICalc – Ingress Calculator – Apps on Google Play


3. Ingress portal calculator

Ingress limits the number of resonators that can be placed per portal per player, so you must work together with other players to build higher level portals. Use this …

4. Link Distance Calculator Ingress Portals | Tools for Playing …

Link Distance Calculator. Drag the resonators and link amps into the slots to calculate the distance. Portal. Resonator Empty.

5. Ingress Calculator | Ingress Portal Level Calculator

Portal level is a summary level, based on various resonator levels deployed on specific portal. You must work together with other players to build higher level …

6. Leveling Portals – Ingress Guide


The calculation is: (1+1+1+1+2+2+2+2) = 12 / 8 = 1.5. 1.5 is rounded down to 1 and that is the portal level. Another example portal has eight resonators. Four …

7. Ingress Portal Farm Calculator

Mod 1: Mod 2: Mod 3: Mod 4: None, Common Heat Sink, Rare Heat Sink, Very Rare Heat Sink, Common Multi Hack, Rare Multi Hack, Very Rare Multi Hack.

8. Ingress Portal Calculator 1.1.8 Free Download

Ingress Portal Calculator – Useful tool for Ingress, to calculating the link length, or just to view information which is needed to play the game at its best!

9. Ingress Calculator 2.5 Free Download

Ingress Calculator – This small application was created to help people playing in … possibility to start timers for portal hack time or portal burnout time (after …

10. Noob Question: Portal Level Calculation : Ingress – Reddit

Noob Question: Portal Level Calculation from Ingress

Are portal levels calculated only be resonators that exist, or does it always calculate the average by dividing by 8? In other words, is a portal with one level 8 …

11. Portal | Ingress Wiki | Fandom

Portals are rated by levels, L1-L8, based on the average level of resonators. Moving into proximity of a portal will allow the agent to select the portal and have …

12. Ingress Player Calc

Current AP. Next Level: AP To Level: To Level. Enemy Portals to Hack: Fields to Make: Fields to Destroy: Links to Make: Links to Destroy: Resonators to Deploy:.